87.0 Send Message

87.1 Request Data

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This call is used to send a message to a twenty twenty device.

Required Information
Name Description
action twentytwenty
operation sendmessage
format xml
version 2

Note:This call is only available in version 2 of the API

target The asset identifier for the destination of the message
reqtype Flag to identify the key being used to identify the asset. Acceptable values:

  • tag Key is a Driver’s (Operator) Zonar RFID tag number. In version 2.X a type must also be specified.
  • exsid Key is the external system id.
  • dbid Key is the internal database id number. This is the most reliable key to use.
type When using reqtype of tag or fleet this must also be specified in version 2.
See asset types for more details.
Acceptable values are Standard or Trailer
form The form number being sent
data The form data.

Note:This should be urlencoded to account for any special characters that may be transmitted.

provider The name of the message provider
messageid The message id from the providers system
Optional Information
timestamp The timestamp to mark the message origination time.

Note:If no value is passed, the current time will be used.

dataformat Special payload encoding format for the data parameter used in certain integrations, ex. ‘base64’.

Note:plain text and URL encoding do not require this field.

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