64.0 Path Summary

64.1 Request Data

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Use this to get path summary information for assets that have moved within a specified time period. For example to find assets that have been used over a weekend.

Required Information
Name Description
action showposition
operation pathsummary
format The format to return results in. Acceptable values:

  • xml Results are returned in XML format.
  • json Results are returned in JSON format.
starttime Epoch timestamp. Earliest time to get data from.
endtime Epoch timestamp. Latest time to get data from.

Note: Note: In future releases there may be a 15 day limit on the date selection.

Optional Information
Name Description
target Query for a specific asset and only return information for that asset. If specified a reqtype (request type) must be specified as well.
reqtype Flag to identify the key being used to identify the asset. Acceptable values:

  • tag Key is a Zonar RFID tag number. In version 2.X a type must also be specified.
  • exsid Key is the external system id.
  • vin Key is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • dbid Key is the internal database id number. This is the most reliable key to use.
  • fleet Key is the asset fleet number. In version 2.X a type must also be specified.
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