4.0 Get (New) Inspections

4.1 Request Data

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Queries the database for inspections. Will return a list of report ids with timestamps later than the specified time. Results may be filtered on location, inspection status and repair status.

Note: As of Protocol version 2.00 the 'extgetnewinsp' action is deprecated. Clients should instead use the 'showopen' action with an operation of 'insp'.

Required Information
Name Description
action extgetnewinsp (Deprecated) new clients should use 'showopen'
operation insp Use this rather than 'extgetnewinsp'
format xml
status Return reports matching the specified status and time later than the timestamp.
Acceptable values:

  • red Inspections that have status Red.
  • yellow Inspections that have status Yellow.
  • green Inspections that have status Green.
  • all All inspections.
  • bad Inspections that do not have Green status.
Optional Information
logvers The API call version.
timestamp Return inspections with timestamp later than this time. Unix epoch timestamp (UTC). The same as start. New code should use start.
location Location to filter with. Text. If provided only inspections with an asset and or an operator assigned to that location will be returned. If location is not supplied or an empty location is specified, inspections from all locations will be returned.
repair Inspection repair status. Acceptable values are:

  • yes Only return inspections with repairs.
  • no Only return inspections without repairs.
  • both Return both repaired and unrepaired inspections.

If repair is not specified or the value is empty both will be assumed.

tstype A flag to indicate what the timestamp variable represents. Acceptable values are:

  • insp Timestamp is the inspection time. Inspections that were performed after this time will be returned.
  • load Timestamp is the time the inspection was added to the Zonar-Web system. Inspections that were uploaded after this time will be returned.

If tstype is not specified, or is blank a value of ‘insp‘ will be assumed.

config Inspection configuration name. If specified only return inspections with this inspection config. Must be a valid inspection config name. This will take the form of name-version string. For example DEM0001-2.0.1. See Get Inspection Configs for details on retrieving inspection config information.
start A Unix epoch time stamp. Only return inspections with timestamps later than this time. May be combined with end. Replaces timestamp.
end A Unix epoch time stamp. Used in conjunction with start to only return inspections within a given time frame. Replaces timestamp.
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