31.0 Add a Location of Interest (LOI)/GPS Zone

31.1 Request Data

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Required Information
Name Description
action editposition
operation add
format xml
name The name to give the location of interest1. Maximum name length is 100 characters.
Optional Information
category The name of a category to assign this location of interest to. If not specified, no category will be used.
The actual points of a location must be specified. There are three options:
Specify lat, long, and radius to create a circle around a point; or
Specify geometry to describe all vertices precisely.
Specify address and radius
address Addresses should not contain special characters, but instead should simply contain spaces between the
different parts of the address. Example: 123 First Avenue Seattle WA 98108
lat Latitude of the center point.
long Longitude of the center point.
radius The radius (in feet) to encircle the point by. The point is defined by the ‘lat’ and ‘long parameters.
geometry Geometry specified in EWKT (Extended Well-Known Text)
logvers log version determines the format of the reply.

  • 1 – This is the standard output listed in 31.2
  • 2 – This will return more information on the LOI that was added. See section 31.3 for examples.


1 LOI means Location of Interest; called “Zone” in the GPS tools and reports found within the Ground Traffic Control web application.

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