27.0 Speed Report

27.1 Request Data

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Returns a list of the maximum speeds for asset(s) within a specified time range and optionally a specific location of interest. A single asset may be specified or information may be retrieved for all assets.

Note: This function is only available in version 2.X of the API.

Required Information
Name Description
action showposition
operation speed
format xml or json – (json format only used with ‘getfive’ parameter listed below)
fromdate epoch time. Results will be from events that occurred during or after this time.
todate epoch time. Results will be from events the occurred during or before this time.
Optional Information
logvers Acceptable values:

  • 1 – default output.
  • 2 – add the location attribute to the assetspeed element in the XML response

    Note: Only available with format=xml

  • Note: If a value is not passed, logvers=1 is assumed.

target Query for a specific asset and only return information for that asset. If specified a reqtype (request type) must be specified as well.
reqtype Flag to identify the key being used to identify the asset. Acceptable values:

  • tag Key is a Zonar RFID tag number. In version 2.X a type must also be specified.
  • exsid Key is the external system id.
  • vin Key is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • dbid Key is the internal database id number. This is the most reliable key to use.
  • fleet Key is the asset fleet number. In version 2.X a type must also be specified.
type When using reqtype of tag or fleet this must also be specified in version 2. In version 1.x type Standard (0) is assumed. See asset types for more details.
loilocation If specified, the report will be created using position from inside the specified location of interest1. Value must be a location of interest name.
getfive A value of “t” is required.
If specified, the report will return the previous 3 points (within 10 minutes) and the following 2 points (within 10 minutes) of the ‘fromdate’ specified.
This makes the ‘todate’ not required and not used.
The ‘target’ parameter is now required as an db id, the ‘format’ parameter must be ‘json’, and ‘reqtype’ must be ‘dbid’.


1 Location of Interest; called “Zone” in the GPS tools and reports found within the Ground Traffic Control web application.

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