16.0 Get Operators

16.1 Request Data

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Returns a list of operators in the system.

Note: This action was added in protocol version 1.02

Required Information
Name Description
action showopen
operation showoperators
format xml
Optional Information
target Filter will return data for that specific operator.
reqtype Flag to identify the key being used to identify the operator. Acceptable values:

  • cdl  Comercial Drivers License Number.
  • tagid  Zonar Tag Number.
  • exsid  External System Identifier.
  • empnum  Operator’s employee number.
location Location to filter with. Text. If provided only operators assigned to that location will be returned. If location is not supplied or an empty location is specified, operators from all locations will be returned.
status Operator status to filter with. Text. If provided only operators with the specified status will be returned. Possible values are:

  • active Operator is active and can load inspections.
  • revoked Operator has been revoked, is no longer active and cannot load inspections.
  • all Both

If all is specified for a status or a blank status is supplied no filtering on status is performed.

  • 1 – Standard Output Below (default)
  • 2 – Custom Data Added to XML output
  • 3 – Custom Data, PIN and CDL State data Added to XML output
  • 4 – Operators database ID number added to XML output
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