1.0 Introduction

1.1 General Information

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This document describes the external interface to Ground Traffic Control. This interface may be used by other software packages to exchange information with the system.

The API is a web based interface to a Ground Traffic Control account using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) protocol. Clients using the API send either HTTP GET or POST requests to the server and receive replies in XML format. It is essentially the standard Ground Traffic Control system with XML replies rather than HTML. Eventually all of the functionality present in Ground Traffic Control will be available through the API, currently however only a subset of the most widely used functions is present.

Clients wishing to use the API must provide several pieces of information to the server in order to form a valid request. The basic required information is:

  • Account or Customer code. This identifies the Ground Traffic Control account to be accessed.
  • Identification / Authentication. The user who is performing the action and their authentication credentials.
  • The action to perform.
  • Additional information for the action. Any additional information that the action requires or optionally modifies it’s behavior.
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